Nicholson’s Joker or Ledger’s?

Joker is always my favorite character in Comic World. He’s the other part of BATMAN. His soul mate. His arch nemesis. There’s no BATMAN without Joker, vice versa. Their Interpersonal relationship breakthrough everything in DC world. Gosh, I make it sound like they’re some gay couple. Joker represent everything that contradicts with Batman, even though both of them is belong in the DARK side of Gotham City. That chemistry and connection is painted very implicit in the Movie version of Batman.

Tim Burton’s Batman is the first movie that I watched in Cineplex. Its 1989. Im still 5 years old, but the impact of Nicholson performance clawing deep on me. Makes me hate clown. That’s exactly what Jack Nicholson bring to the table when he became the Prince of Crime. He’s look exactly like the comic version of Joker. He acts like it too. He’s jumping around dancing, doing slapstick and comical stuff, or even bring out a revolver with 2 meters long tubes. He’s funny, but deadly. Nicholson can carry himself to translate and developed one of the most ‘interesting’ performance that he ever played. He get a golden globe nomination for his acting.

The Dark knight is the greatest comic to movie I’ve ever watched. I don’t even consider it as a comic/superhero flick anymore. Its a Thriller/Drama, One of the best in the genre. The first time I heard that Nolan casting Heath Ledger as the Joker, I think the movie’s gonna blow. I never like Heath Ledger. The only memorable performance that he ever carved in my mind is when he’s singing gloria gaynor’s hit in the middle of some field at 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU. Other than that. Zero, zero, zero. His acting as a Joker will be overshadowed greatly by Nicholson. Then came the first viral marketing(The Why so Serious??) and picture of the DARK KNIGHT. And that’s when I’ve changed my mind. There’s something chaotic about it. Something Dark and Gritty. Ledger probably going to surprise us all. Ive avoided a lot of spoiler and screen released in the Internet. And then July 2008 came. Im marking out the first time JOKER hit the screen. His attitude, his movement, his scar, his voice, doesn’t resemblance JOKER at the Comic or any other previous version. He’s totally different. He’s totally AWESOME. Ledger is in his own league. He’s engulf any other actor in that movie with his performance. Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, everyone is leveled by him. Aaron Eeckhart is the only one whose doesnt get his flame distinguished by Ledger. Even the oscar Statue is paying some respect to Ledger. Rest in Peace.

Now come the final question. Who’s the Better Joker? Quite frankly, until today, its still one of the hardest question ever hit me in term of movie trivial. As a comic book fan, JOKER’s Fan, There’s no one better except Nicholson to play The JOKER. His detail is unbelievable. I’m still in an awe when I watched Batman these day. Tim Burton’s Way to present Batman in the dark, comic ways suits Nicholson’s Joker in a good way. I cant imagine his character in Christopher’s Nolan take. But I’ve got to be honest, I’m favored in Ledger’s acting a little bit. His is bring a new, fresh look of the Joker, even for a long time fans like me. He can combined a lot of element from other characters, like The quirkiness of Izzy Pop, The Madness of Alex(A Clockwork of Orange), The Unpredictability of Kefka(Final Fantasy VI), and The comedy of Cesar’s Romero’s Joker, into an Original Character. The JOKER. For me, Heath Ledger’s Joker is the second ever best villain ever hit the silver screen after Tony Montana from Scarface.

My favorite scene from the Dark Knight is when the Joker is ruining Bruce Wayne’s Party for Harvey Dent. He’s coming from the lift, bla bla bla, take someone’s champagne glass, throws the fluid, and then drink it with a very emotionless acting.

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