Reboot versus Remakes

Summer Season is coming, and  like we all know, Hollywood already loose its magic touch of creativity and innovation. Only a handful of some script(mainstream movies) can be categorized as original and made into a great and successful movies in the last few years(Inception, for example). Comic, video games, novel, short story, already became such a big influence into hollywood. This kind of movies usually put the label ADAPTED FROM, but still, its better than the 2 groups that I will discuss, the Reboot and the Remakes Category.

Reboot is dealing with serial fiction of some franchise, means to discard much or even all previous continuity in the series and start a new with fresh ideas. All established fictive history is declared by the writers to be null and void, or at least irrelevant to the new storyline, and the series starts over as if brand-new campaign. Christopher’s Nolan Batman(Batman Begins and the Dark Knight), or Daniel Craig’s Bond(Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace) can be considered as reboot. That two franchise is a GOLD mining for Hollywood, and a Holy Grail for the Moviegoers. But look what hollywood will reboot in the next few Years. Spiderman? Robocop? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle? Tomb Raider? Streetfighter? Judge Dredd? Why don’t they just reboot the scary movies franchise for god sake. They can put Sasha Baron Cohen as substitute for Wayan brothers. Wait a minute, it is a GOOD IDEA!

Remade/remakes/re-imagine or any other shitty substitution for it, is generally used in reference to a movie which uses an earlier movie as the main source material, rather than in reference to a second, later movie based on the same source. Usually remakes make significant character, plot, and theme changes, but still, it WASN’T ORIGINAL. There’s a lot of movies out there in this group, and trust me, with some exceptions, remakes have generally been considered inferior to earlier versions. Not only for critics, but for moviegoers alike all around the world. For Example,compare Martin Scorsese’s The Departed which fashioned as a remake of the 2002 Hong Kong film Infernal Affairs. Its like comparing Nsync with The Jackson 5! Which the latter considered as one of the greatest vocal group ever, and NSYNC is beyond crap and signify whats wrong with pop music industries these days. Back to The Departed, the worst thing about it, is that movie wins the BEST PICTURE of OSCAR! Another way to proof that Oscar is sucks.

What Im Saying is, I miss the surprise tale and narrative movies that Hollywood could bring in its BLOCKBUSTER movie, not indies. I miss movies like Pulp fiction, Inception, Tropic Thunder, or Heat. I didn’t lie, I do love Nolan’s take on Batman Franchise, or how gritty Daniel Craig persona as Bond. and there’s a few remakes that can be considered as a great flicks too(Leone’s A Fistful of Dollar, or De Palma’s Scarface), but nothing can measures up to the great ORIGINALITY and SURPRISE element of not only some part of a movie, but every bit of it. I’m not saying that every scriptwriter should follow Coen Brother’s way, but we all know, Hollywood can do it and bring up the game to its best.

You will more realizing everything that I Said if you check the list of this year summer’s movie. Sequel of Fast and Furious, Thor, Pirates of Caribbean, The Hangover 2, Kungfu Panda 2, XMen First Class, Super8, Green Lantern, Cars 2, Transformer 3, Harry Potter, Winnie The Pooh, Captain America, Cowboys and Aliens, The Smurf, Conan the Barbarian, Spy Kids 4, Final Destination 5. The only unique movie is JJ Abram’s Super8.

Talk about originality, sequel and adapted story huh??

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