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Michael Jackson is the STRANGER IN MOSCOW

The King of Pop Michael Jackson is one of the kind musician. There’s only a handful of musician that can stand in the same ground as him. He writes and sings a lot of greatest songs in the last century, and STRANGER IN MOSCOW, is the most beautiful, memorable, and brilliant tunes he ever produced.

The song started with a peaceful punch of sound. The melodies, the beat, and his voice is soothing and controlled, but magically, able to create this sanctum, haunting melody feelings, until the song reach three and half minutes, where it changing into a very powerful ballad infuse with the early slow R&B. His voice becaming angry, tortured, dominant, yet serene.  Nobody can match the intensity of angriness and alone like he bring in STRANGER IN MOSCOW.

The music video is awesome too. Michael walking through the streets with the slow motion effect of rain and people arround him. Black and white colours tone only made the video seems more noir and haunting, just like the song itself.


Stranger in Moscow is amazing. There’s not many artist in the world can create the eerie loneliness and mid-tempo tunes at the same time in one song. No doubt about it, this is Michael Jackson’s at his best. Rest in Peace Michael.


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The shadow is walking faster than him?

No doubt about it, Christian Bale is the triple A actor. Arguably, he’s the best, the most versatile actor in his generation. He’s already proof it by winning the oscar in his performance at the FIGHTER. I’ve yet to see that movie. But im not talking about his greatness, Im going to talk about how easy he can be overshadowing by his partner in crime at the main character built.

What am I talking about? I meant, a lot of actor is “accidentally” using him as the stepping stone to EVENMORE stardome when being cast with him at the first billed actor. Still dont know what Im preaching about? Here’s the list where bale’s performance is engulfed by the fire presence of other actor.

Everything is started with LAUREL CANYON, the 2002 movie which Frances McDormand Completely drown him with a marvelous performance. Then in same Year, the bald headed-badass-redneck McCoughney reduce Bale screen presence to almost zero in REIGN OF FIRE.  Then come the 3:10 FROM YUMA, well for this case you cant blame him, Russel Crowe’s character is a lot more interesting. Dont get me started about the Dark Knight, the movie’s title is Bale’s Character forgodsake. I still dont know how that underrated Worthington able to steal the spotlight from him at Terminator Salvation, but it happen! And last but not least, at Michael Mann’s Public Enemies.

See what I Meant? I only listed the flicks where he cast as the starring part. I still had a lot of movie to give you an example from, Little Women, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, The New World, or Shaft, but at that those movies, he’s not the main cast. The only thing he’s shinning through his first billed credit is at the Prestige.

So what? Doesn’t it shows that he’s a generous non-egoistical blockbuster actor? No, Im just pointing out that his performance doesnt goes well with the shadow that always running side by side with a lot of top actor. The CHARISMA. He lacks of it. Didnt believe it? Hell, i love Batman, but look at what Bale did with his altered voice to be Batman. Funny isnt it? Some people still mocking up his voice. But it doesnt matter, he’s still the best Batman of all time!

Bale is one of the rare actor that can only shines if the movie is very concentrated on him. Check out the Machinist, Rescue Dawn, Equilibrum, Empire of the Sun or American Pyscho,  you’ll learn why do i think he’s the greatest actor at his generation…

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DiCaprio’s Crappy Beaches

DiCaprio is a great actor. He’s in the top ten list of my favourite actor. But before he enter that list, before he act at Catch Me If You Can, I largely ignored him. I never liked his movie and performance, and yeah, Titanic is Garbage.  This movie is one of it.

DiCaprio plays Richard, an American delusional brat who thinks that this world is still have the great unknown mystery beneath it. And guess what, he goes to Thailand to search for it. It shows, that AMERICANS, are so bad in geography and stuff. His journey bring him to some kind of secret society of weed smokers, paralell universe wannabe. The society that run away from reality, and thinks that the world is beautiful at their own feet. Of course, by the end of the film, they learned, that no matter how young, concluded, and free the society or hierarchy is, ultimately, everything will be ruined by human. The World is always falling apart.

The big problem of the movie is laying in the last 60 minutes. The movie starts good with the Thailand background and some kind of spiritual journey that Richard doing. But it falls apart, when the conflict of the society shows up. It became boring, and uninspired. Its like Danny Boyle couldnt find anythin breathtaking ever since the beach or lagoon is found. I dont like the relationship between DiCaprio’s Character, and Virginie Ledoyen’s. It is shallow, boring, unsexy, and wrong. Its just doesnt make sense for a guy like Richard ruining someone else’s relationship only to have some fucking sex. He’s a nice guy, not some animal backstabbing jerk. Virginie Ledoyen is hot. She’s got a very cool tanned skin that makes you belive that she’s an adventurer. Her performance? Bad bad and bad. Thank god she’s showing her breast.

The Beach is a bottom mediocre movie. The script full of stupid, boring, and embarassing moment and line(For example, the scene of DiCaprio’s Jumping around pretend he’s in the Videogame, and the night beach moment between his character and the girl who betray her boyfriend). Why do I watched it? Its because of the soundtrack! With the likes of Moby, All saints, Underworld, Blur, Orbital, filling the background music all over the places, its hard not to realize that this is one of the best soundtrack ever hit the silver screen.

Ignore the script, crappy acting, bad effect, and the unrelentless commercial about weeds, you’ll find yourself attracted to the combination of the great beachy moods and the soundtracks that will blows you away.

Two out five stars.

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Nicholson’s Joker or Ledger’s?

Joker is always my favorite character in Comic World. He’s the other part of BATMAN. His soul mate. His arch nemesis. There’s no BATMAN without Joker, vice versa. Their Interpersonal relationship breakthrough everything in DC world. Gosh, I make it sound like they’re some gay couple. Joker represent everything that contradicts with Batman, even though both of them is belong in the DARK side of Gotham City. That chemistry and connection is painted very implicit in the Movie version of Batman.

Tim Burton’s Batman is the first movie that I watched in Cineplex. Its 1989. Im still 5 years old, but the impact of Nicholson performance clawing deep on me. Makes me hate clown. That’s exactly what Jack Nicholson bring to the table when he became the Prince of Crime. He’s look exactly like the comic version of Joker. He acts like it too. He’s jumping around dancing, doing slapstick and comical stuff, or even bring out a revolver with 2 meters long tubes. He’s funny, but deadly. Nicholson can carry himself to translate and developed one of the most ‘interesting’ performance that he ever played. He get a golden globe nomination for his acting.

The Dark knight is the greatest comic to movie I’ve ever watched. I don’t even consider it as a comic/superhero flick anymore. Its a Thriller/Drama, One of the best in the genre. The first time I heard that Nolan casting Heath Ledger as the Joker, I think the movie’s gonna blow. I never like Heath Ledger. The only memorable performance that he ever carved in my mind is when he’s singing gloria gaynor’s hit in the middle of some field at 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU. Other than that. Zero, zero, zero. His acting as a Joker will be overshadowed greatly by Nicholson. Then came the first viral marketing(The Why so Serious??) and picture of the DARK KNIGHT. And that’s when I’ve changed my mind. There’s something chaotic about it. Something Dark and Gritty. Ledger probably going to surprise us all. Ive avoided a lot of spoiler and screen released in the Internet. And then July 2008 came. Im marking out the first time JOKER hit the screen. His attitude, his movement, his scar, his voice, doesn’t resemblance JOKER at the Comic or any other previous version. He’s totally different. He’s totally AWESOME. Ledger is in his own league. He’s engulf any other actor in that movie with his performance. Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, everyone is leveled by him. Aaron Eeckhart is the only one whose doesnt get his flame distinguished by Ledger. Even the oscar Statue is paying some respect to Ledger. Rest in Peace.

Now come the final question. Who’s the Better Joker? Quite frankly, until today, its still one of the hardest question ever hit me in term of movie trivial. As a comic book fan, JOKER’s Fan, There’s no one better except Nicholson to play The JOKER. His detail is unbelievable. I’m still in an awe when I watched Batman these day. Tim Burton’s Way to present Batman in the dark, comic ways suits Nicholson’s Joker in a good way. I cant imagine his character in Christopher’s Nolan take. But I’ve got to be honest, I’m favored in Ledger’s acting a little bit. His is bring a new, fresh look of the Joker, even for a long time fans like me. He can combined a lot of element from other characters, like The quirkiness of Izzy Pop, The Madness of Alex(A Clockwork of Orange), The Unpredictability of Kefka(Final Fantasy VI), and The comedy of Cesar’s Romero’s Joker, into an Original Character. The JOKER. For me, Heath Ledger’s Joker is the second ever best villain ever hit the silver screen after Tony Montana from Scarface.

My favorite scene from the Dark Knight is when the Joker is ruining Bruce Wayne’s Party for Harvey Dent. He’s coming from the lift, bla bla bla, take someone’s champagne glass, throws the fluid, and then drink it with a very emotionless acting.

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Reboot versus Remakes

Summer Season is coming, and  like we all know, Hollywood already loose its magic touch of creativity and innovation. Only a handful of some script(mainstream movies) can be categorized as original and made into a great and successful movies in the last few years(Inception, for example). Comic, video games, novel, short story, already became such a big influence into hollywood. This kind of movies usually put the label ADAPTED FROM, but still, its better than the 2 groups that I will discuss, the Reboot and the Remakes Category.

Reboot is dealing with serial fiction of some franchise, means to discard much or even all previous continuity in the series and start a new with fresh ideas. All established fictive history is declared by the writers to be null and void, or at least irrelevant to the new storyline, and the series starts over as if brand-new campaign. Christopher’s Nolan Batman(Batman Begins and the Dark Knight), or Daniel Craig’s Bond(Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace) can be considered as reboot. That two franchise is a GOLD mining for Hollywood, and a Holy Grail for the Moviegoers. But look what hollywood will reboot in the next few Years. Spiderman? Robocop? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle? Tomb Raider? Streetfighter? Judge Dredd? Why don’t they just reboot the scary movies franchise for god sake. They can put Sasha Baron Cohen as substitute for Wayan brothers. Wait a minute, it is a GOOD IDEA!

Remade/remakes/re-imagine or any other shitty substitution for it, is generally used in reference to a movie which uses an earlier movie as the main source material, rather than in reference to a second, later movie based on the same source. Usually remakes make significant character, plot, and theme changes, but still, it WASN’T ORIGINAL. There’s a lot of movies out there in this group, and trust me, with some exceptions, remakes have generally been considered inferior to earlier versions. Not only for critics, but for moviegoers alike all around the world. For Example,compare Martin Scorsese’s The Departed which fashioned as a remake of the 2002 Hong Kong film Infernal Affairs. Its like comparing Nsync with The Jackson 5! Which the latter considered as one of the greatest vocal group ever, and NSYNC is beyond crap and signify whats wrong with pop music industries these days. Back to The Departed, the worst thing about it, is that movie wins the BEST PICTURE of OSCAR! Another way to proof that Oscar is sucks.

What Im Saying is, I miss the surprise tale and narrative movies that Hollywood could bring in its BLOCKBUSTER movie, not indies. I miss movies like Pulp fiction, Inception, Tropic Thunder, or Heat. I didn’t lie, I do love Nolan’s take on Batman Franchise, or how gritty Daniel Craig persona as Bond. and there’s a few remakes that can be considered as a great flicks too(Leone’s A Fistful of Dollar, or De Palma’s Scarface), but nothing can measures up to the great ORIGINALITY and SURPRISE element of not only some part of a movie, but every bit of it. I’m not saying that every scriptwriter should follow Coen Brother’s way, but we all know, Hollywood can do it and bring up the game to its best.

You will more realizing everything that I Said if you check the list of this year summer’s movie. Sequel of Fast and Furious, Thor, Pirates of Caribbean, The Hangover 2, Kungfu Panda 2, XMen First Class, Super8, Green Lantern, Cars 2, Transformer 3, Harry Potter, Winnie The Pooh, Captain America, Cowboys and Aliens, The Smurf, Conan the Barbarian, Spy Kids 4, Final Destination 5. The only unique movie is JJ Abram’s Super8.

Talk about originality, sequel and adapted story huh??

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The Wind Cries Mary

The title of the 1st post of this blog is taken from the famous Jimi Hendrix’s song, which is one of my favourite song of all time ..

I dont really have any specific reason why Im using that words except that the words sounds so catchy and meaningful..

The contain of this blog will range from music, videogame, movie reviews, or thoughts that I had, and sometimes, I will write any other subject too…

So, just check this blog daily for updates, cos basically Im tryin to make a livin from writing right now, and this blog will become my training ground for it..

please leave any comment, and try not to get insulted by reading any of my subjective writes…


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