Life of Pi * 8.5/10

After six months of hiatus from writing in this blog, Life of Pi makes me return. Yes, it is that DAMN GOOD! Life of Pi without a shadow of a doubt is my 2012’s best movie.

For those who haven’t read the book, most of the plot revolves around 3 main characters. One curious boy and a tiger on a boat, and the sea itself. A story about God. A story about what to believe. And a story about life. I won’t spoiler it anymore.

I don’t know who in the blue hell really responsible to this masterpiece. Whether its Yann Martell itself, the director Ang Lee, Michael Danna the composer, or even the teams whose responsible in special effect, they should be proud even though the box office wasn’t too good. Seriously, I never would have imagine that Life of Pi could be translated to the life action version. The story is too enchanting and words-oriented in capturing imagination. This story which isn’t blatantly cinematic didn’t exactly have a formula for a great film. But Ang Lee and his crew achieves the unachievable. If anyone thinks that the Ice Storm, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, or Lust/Caution is awesome, wait till you see Life of Pi. Right from the first minute, on that soothing beautiful Indian song that accompanies opening credits, until the end where the glaring ambiguity soaks up, Life of Pi is amazingly well made.  Thank you universe for not letting that dick Shyamalan directing this movie!

Usually, I can be a bitch in terms of adaptation screenplay. I hate it so goddamn much when I can’t find baby eating cannibals in movie version of Cormac McCarthy. I despise Hollywood’s take of Constantine. I nearly kill someone when Son Goku is a white caucasian asshole. But somehow, Ang Lee’s version of Life of Pi is still in a good VIBE even after losing some important scene and violence that’s in the book. The narration is good, unique enough and makes you feels that you’re reading a giant storybook without ever seeing a single letter. I still missed the whole good wholesome feeling from the book when Pi tell us that the story is gonna have a happy ending from the first chapter, though.

Life of Pi is the ultimate audio/visual treat of the year. This is the only movie that I’ve recommended to be saw in 3D besides Avatar. I think this is the first time I’ve ever watched a movie where a visualization could be a huge part in the storyline itself. It is the most beautiful movie I have seen visually. Better than anything, I’ve ever watched before. Avatar, Avengers, American Pie, any porn movies, you name it. Why? Because unlike those movies which had no connection to reality, does not have the depth and a pure fantasy, the visuals in Life of Pi are more artistic, stirring and shot like an organic memory. It feels very much alive, breathing, and believable! And the soundtrack? Pure gold.

To watch Life of Pi is to observe how few films really consider their characters, how few consider the spiritual journey of the adventure they are undertaking into the unknown and hence the unexpected! It is not perfect, of course. The acting is decent at best, the needs of using English language is very questionable, but they’re just a minor bump that you won’t realize exist if you’re not an asshole like me. But trust me, If this is not the movie that will make you believe in god, it will definitely will make you believe in Ang Lee.  I wish there’s a movie like this when I was hitting my childhood back 2 decades ago. That would be a very magical treat for me..

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The 6 Awesome Coming of Age Movie with Sexual Identity Themes

Malizzia(1973, Italy) 

I freakin love Malizzia. It is funny, dark, sexy, erotic, a bit of disturbing, inspiring, and witty. It tells us the story about  a young maid, Angela, who works in a house for a widow and his three sons. The father, and the first two sons is attracted to her. However, the one most obsessed with her is the middle son, the teenager Nino. Through some elaborate schemes he manages to blackmails her into eventually tolerating his increasingly aggressive  sexual harassments.  In the end of the movie, Angela will becomes his stepmother, but not before taking away Nino virginity, accidently. Even for today standard, I think the whole idea of Malizzia is still quite preverse and taboo , but it works for this genre, because its comedy. A dark and hilarious one. But still, Malizzia didn’t crossed the line of being vulgar. That’s why I love this movie. Its a classic indeed.


 Y Tu Mama Tambien(2001, Mexico)

 What I love the most about Y Tu mama Tambien is this is the only movie that successfully shows us how real life step in to artificial life. In other words, how adolescent transform into adult. It tells us the story of two boys in the middle of identity crisis, sexual identity and perhaps orientation, having a road trip with a very determined grown up woman whose trying to find her own “future”. The not so old and young is clashing, through the journey full of lies, honesty, conflicts, and off course, eroticsm. Y Tu mama tambien is the strongest movie in this list. Actually, its more than just a simple coming of age Mexican Journey movies. But I’m not gonna dwelling on that. Because this article is about sexuality, and by gawd, Y Tu Mama Tambien is different and daring enough, especially with that very graphic early orgasm scene. It is so realistic. This is the way every teen movie should be made. No more those random shallowness about boobs and butts. No more those random fake adolescent trail about how to lose your sperm and virginity in 10 days.



 Lust Och Fägring Stor(1995, Sweden)

This film is telling us the real truth behind real meaning of sex for a boy in their adolescent era. The answer is, nothing. Sex is just sex for them. They doing sex just because they’re curious about how it works, and just following their own hearts, pardon me, I meant dicks. 15 year old boy name Stig, discovers his first female attraction is his own teacher, 37 year old Viola whose already married to a traveling salesman Kjell. The boy manage to capture his teacher attention and libido. They’re having a love affair which is very joyous, fun, lustful without a depth. And the story goes even more interesting when the relationship grows its weary on its own, especially because when Stig realizing, that the more proper attraction for him is a girl in his own age.  For me, Lust Och Fägring Stor is interesting because in a way, I’ve been in the same condition as stig(No, I did not have a sex with my teacher, its just a simple crush and lust), so I kinda understand what it feels like. And Lust Och Fägring Stor perfectly captured that innocence. You can feel the confusion that rise from Stig point of view, and you WILL understand and in the same time growing up with Stig, because what he’s doing is wrong, even though in the first time, it felt right(no pun intended). Find this masterpiece if you can, it’ll teach you that as good as THE GRADUATES are, they are not  Lust Och Fägring Stor.


Malena(2000, Italy)

Ah, Malena. I’ve got a lot of “good” memories with this movie, if you catch what I meant(LOL).  It tells us the story about a young sexy beautiful elegant lady name Malena. This movie is a journey full of loneliness, bravery, tragedy, sexually, that being experienced by Malena from the eyes of our main character,  Renato, a sweet adolescent boy who understand her more than every single person in that town. At first, Renato’s attraction to Malena is purely carnal and lust. His unhealthy obsession even make both of his parents take him to a hilarious exorcism, and a brothel.  But as the movie planned out, we the audience knows that Renato actually is falling in love at the first time. Love that still have its pureness. Love that is unselfish. And love that is true. Because for Renato, Malena is the only girl that he’s never ever forgotten. Monica Belucci is a Goddess in this movie. She moves, she talked, she acted, she looks, she sway, she dance, like something that only exist in a fairy tale. Malena character really suits Belucci. And gawd, that ending. It is one of the most melancholy ending I’ve ever saw in movie. That alone guarantees a spot in this list.


 Murmur of the Heart(1971, French)

I already wrote about Murmur of the Heart in this post. Its a great movie. But in terms of coming of age sexual identity themes, Murmur of the Heart is more than great even though the actual story is very simple. or for some people plotless. It tells us about daily life of Laurent, a 15 year old punk who hate everything and only seems to be at ease when in the company of his mother. Yeah, yeah, we can put an easy stamp label in Murmur of the Heart as an Oedipus Complex movie. But I think, the relationship between Laurent and his mother is more than just Oedipus Complex. Like most teenage in his age, Laurent is having a life full of  confusing, awkwardness, curiosity of the world. And Laurent manage to find his answer in his mom. Some people get an answer from music. some people got an answer in movie. But Laurent already knows that his mom is his way to get out of his adolescent and coming out of an age. That what makes Murmur of the Heart is not as dark as every Oedipus theme movies. Murmur of the heart is the kind of movie that needs repeated viewing for us really understand its true meaning and message. Just like sex and everything beneath it.


 Tomboy(2011, French)

Honestly, Tomboy is a bit of making me uncomfortable in watching it. No, its a good movie, got the same vibe just like LET THE RIGHT ONE IN. But Tomboy touches on more delicate gray matters, a sexual orientation.  Laure is 10 year old girl. She act like a girl in his newly moving house, but she act like a man in her newly neighborhood full of new friends. She even manage to make a clueless girl had a crush on her, and kiss her. But a lies is a lie indeed. You can’t lie to yourself and especially your surrounding about who you really are. The flawless and amazing performance by Zoé Héran makes me think and raise a question in my head, is this how it felt to be someone whose confuse about sexual orientation as a child?


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Prometheus *7/10


So after all those hype. After all those theories and assumptions. After all those waits since, probably, 2002 right after James Cameron starting to work on the pre-production and decide to abandoned it because of AVP, does Prometheus worth it? Does Prometheus live up to the Hype?

Sadly, no.


Now, don’t get me wrong. Prometheus is a great movie. Prometheus is an awesome movie. But the impact will be lesser than Alien and Blade Runner. Because as much as I want to LOVE this movie, my feeling is never crossing the line of just liking it. Why? Because the main point of making an Alien prequel is to answer the question of who the fuck is space jockey or for casual viewer what in the blue hell is sitting in those derelict in the first Alien? And, sadly, Prometheus answer that question in a worst unimaginative, and sometimes one-liner, explanation and because of that, creating another bigger question ahead just for the sake of franchising out of Prometheus.

Story? This is the real reason why Prometheus becoming my most anticipated movie of all time. I don’t care if Ridley Scott is hiring kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, as long as he answer all the Alien fanboy question in my head. But gawd, there’s nothing more disapointing than the storyline and script  in Prometheus. The plot hole is like a land mine that you can’t avoid. Even a casual inexperienced moviegoers will find a lot of stupid things to point. Things like(SPOILER ALERT): Why the fuck does no one even think about what to do with Shaw’s offspring? Especially David. Because of Weyland? What about Vickers?  Did she never went back to her pod even just for taking a pee? OR OR, things like how in the blue hell that mohawk dude and biologic nerd can get lost in the first place. The freakin Janek can guide them with the all those sophisticated map, and to make things worse that mohawk dude is the one who preparing and mapping the entire site. OR OR, things like how that cardboard box Holloway going THE alcoholic way in a ship in the edge of the universe just because GOD is presumably already DEAD? that doesn’t make sense at all! OR OR, why the fuck Vickers and Shaw is running in a straight line! How stupid are they?  I can go on and on and never stop pointing all the silly and unimportant stuff in the Prometheus if i want to, but its not worth it because probably nobody will read it. In this term, Prometheus felt flat, soulless and rushed in some part, and i don’t even start on the plot hole on Alien mythology yet. Ridley Scott once says that he want to scare the shit out of us, and quite frankly there is no real sense of terror or suspense. We can blame editing, Landelof and Scott’s ambiguity in this area. There’s gotta be a director’s cut coming out a few years from now. Ridley Scott always do that.

But gawd, Prometheus is pretty. This is by far the most sophisticated, beautiful, and epic movie in terms of visualization. From those amazing landscape opening, the interior of pyramids(we can call it that) and Promethus,  to the exterior desert of LV 223, there’s nothing to complain. This is Ridley Scott in his best and probably no single director in this world can touch him in this area. The 3d works flawlessly too. Watching Prometheus in IMAX is worth the money.

Predictably, Fassbender is the acting powerhouse. The script really stay behind him in terms of acting creativity. That scene where he roaming around Prometheus alone is magnificent. His way of walking, or the way he talked is very unique and methodical. Way better than Winona Ryder, in the same league with Henrikssen and Holm, or arguably better. Noomi Rapace? Good. Elba and Theron? Better than I expected, good chemistry, but the script didn’t allow them to soaring away. Guy Pearce? Hideous make up, forgettable character. Others are unimportant cannon fodder. Weak, weak and weak.

The Creatures? I hate that giant squid facehugger. The creatures life cycle didn’t make sense and kinda ruins Xenomorph mythology. I hate the engineer. It ruins the mystical effect of Space Jockey. Its just a giant dude in the suit. Sigh. Although I love the last creature that they showed in the ending scene. The Xenomorph ancestor. Feral and beastly. HR Giger definitely didn’t have a hand in Prometheus creatures department.

Now, for the final words. I do like Prometheus. I will watch it again for the second, third, and countless times more. But not because this is a masterpiece. not because Prometheus is memorable. But because I’m a blind Alien fan. I will support everything with Xenomorph in it, no matter how awful the product. For the casual people who wants to start following Alien franchise or knowing only a little about the franchise here and there, Prometheus can be very hard to swallow because It’s vision and definition is unclear. So just enjoy all those pretty scene.

For the fact, I’m watching it with my girlfriend, and my other two friend. Except for me, the others doesn’t really understand what the heck is Prometheus is all about. My girlfriend is asking me what the hell is that giant dude? what the fuck is he doing in the opening scene? And my two other friend is leaving the IMAX with a huge grin in their forehead.

Now I understand why Ridley want Prometheus to be PG Rating so it could make more money…Sigh..

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Let the Right One In * 9.5/10


As you all may know, I’m a “huge” fan of Twilight series. So when another vampire movie arrive, no matter how hard I try, Twilight is the benchmark.

Let the Right One in is a romantic/thriller drama movie about vampire. It’s in the same genre as twilight series. But If Let the Right one in feels like a nice warm once in a decade A-Class poetry slash literature, Twilight feels and smells like chicken shit.

The story is simple and a bit of a cliche, but the execution and script is perfect. Oscar, a 12 year old who is incessantly bullied by his classmates met Eli, a strange vampire girl who moves in to the next door. And the journey began.

When I first heard about “Let the right one in”, I always thought it will be another failed attempt to translate a great vampire story to the screen. With movies like “Twilight” make a pussy out of Vampire myth, or how “I am Legend” ruins one of the greatest ending ever in a novel with that stupid stupid Hollywood style, Let the Right One in feels like cold breeze in your neck. It is different, powerful, memorable and beautiful.

Different because, Let the right one in has all the traditional and conventional vampire myth we’re accustomed to, and at the same time it present in an unconventional, low-key simplistic way which manages to capture me in my seat right from the start. The story felt like a water flowing from the river up to the sea. Very natural, cold and yet ambiguous(freaky gender revelation). As cliche as it is, Let the right one in still manages to blows me away with its predictable twisted brutal plot.

Powerful because of the two main leads acting. You can feel the depth and centuries of blood in Eli’s Eyes. You can feel swallow the pain and yet needing for revenge thought from Oscar smiles and heavy breathing. You can feel the misguidance and hungry for love from Eli. You can feel the error way but still rooting for them both. If all of that wasn’t a powerful acting then maybe Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison making a cardboard expression is for you.

Memorable because of the chemistry from Eli and Oscar. Its like fate. You just want both of them to be together in the end. Even after the movie ends, I still wondering what’s going to happen between those two. Will Oscar succumbs to the same fate as Eli’s “Father”? Will Eli ever loved someone again? Its been a long time since I felt like knowing and caring the hell out of a fiction character just from two hours journey with them.

Beautiful because of the movie take on cinematography and music. I don’t want to be sounded like a douchbag movie buff, but “Let the Right one In” deserve a hell of a praise in this two category. The shot is as cold as swedish suburban. Empty, deserted, and snowy. Its like the filmmaker transported us directly to the set and brings us the cold atmosphere. And the music, especially every time Eli and Oskar together, is downright sweet and romantic, even with all the blood flying all over the screen. I freakin love it.

What more can I say? Let the right one In is perfect. I can’t think of anything that I didn’t like about this movie. If all the vampire movie is like this, I can’t complain. This is a vampire movie where everybody should’ve seen instead of that “Twilight” shit. This is a Vampire movie which I classified as a masterpiece. This is my number one favorite vampire movie of all time by dethroning Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Goddamn Sweden. Ingmar Bergman, Lisbeth Salander and now this?

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4 Great Movies that I Do Not Want to See for The Second Time

There were times where I’ve come across a movie that is extremely well made. The directing is top notch, the acting is unbelievable, cinematography, music and etc is blowing off the roof — and I recognize that it’s a great movie and an extraordinary piece of artistry —, but a the same time, it’s so disturbing(not in a gore kinda way), off putting, and and make me feel like a crap to the point that I would rather destroy the movie than endure it again.

These are the 4 masterpiece that made me scream in anger, feeling anxious and small, broken my ass and my heart, and at times questioning what’s the real motive behind these movies existence other than to make its viewer feel miserable.

The City of Life and Dead or Nanjing! Nanjing!(2009)

 This whole planet already knows the story of Nanking massacre, whether Japanese government denied it or not, so I don’t have to describe the whole plot. What makes this movie different than any other take on Nanking massacre, and the greatest thing about this movie, is City of life and death do not contained any political propaganda at all. It means, it doesn’t pick sides and no finger pointing. Its as anti-war as you can get. City of life and death truthfully, decides to show us how war could torn and destroy human no matter which sides they’re on.  Compared to any holocaust movie, the City of life and death can proudly standing on its own ground. Unlike the Nazi with the methodical killing, Japanese atrocities is cold hearted brutality. Its unthinking and unreasoning. It feels like when a group of hungry crocodiles eating a baby hippo. And this movie style is working well in transforming that kinda of atrocities to the silver screen. And even though the movie wasn’t that graphically violent, the pain that shows in every actor/actresses extremely shaking my emotion. Do not see City of life and death when you have a sunshine in your mind. This movie will step and take a dump out of it. It’ll make you angry because it certainly reflects much of the true nature of war. Which is horror.


Open Water(2003) 

 It tells the story of a young couple who decide to go scuba diving with a small group. However, their boat leaves them and they are stranded out in the middle of the ocean. Simple, yet effective. Like usual, Mr Shark is involved, but they’re there just for the cameo sake of it. The best thing, or worst thing in a good kinda way, from Open Waters is the film plays with your mind and with your greatest fears. To be alone in the middle of nowhere with just a tiny speck of hope. Another great thing about Open Water that it feels very amateur with unknown actors and documentary-esque shaky camera, but that what’s make this movie felt very realistic. Open Water is the first movie that make no reassured to us that afterwards that it was all in fun, for me. Open Open Water leaves no such outlet and is all the better film for it. Though I will never ever watched it again. It leaves a haunting and harrowing hole in my heart that I still could feel even today, almost ten years later. Because I love the deep blue sea…


 In The Realm of the Senses or Ai no korida(1976)

 In the Realm of the Senses is the only movie in my blu ray collection that I will never ever watched again, but at the same time, I will never ever sell. It’s an erotic fantasy turned nightmare because of some unhealthy sexual obsession. In The realm of The Senses is trying hard to disturb its viewer at how far sexual fetishes can going on. And damn, it really disturb me, because honestly, I am a pervert. A healthy and safe one. The movie makes me questioning the real meaning of sex fetish and obsession(and sometimes makes me staring weirdly on an egg). It’s a film about how our desires and obsession can withdraw us from society, reality, or even out own consciousness. Why I don’t want to see it again? Because it detracts the pleasure of sex out of me after I realize what this movie is really about.



 Hunger isn’t an entertainment. Hunger is a collection moving picture of a brutal and disturbing look at the extremes some people take to find justice. There’s not a single second exist in those 90 minutes that make me feel being entertained.  Hunger doesn’t mentally scarred me, or make feel nauseous whatsoever. Its just Hunger felt too bleak, ugly, grim and hopeless. And because of those three points its hard to imagine myself enduring another run of this movie no matter how good actually this movie is.

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Quick Review Part IV


I wish I was born in the world war II era. Not because so I can get enlisted to the last great war of mankind. Its because so I can grow up and worshiping Brigette Bardot as sex symbol. John Lennon worship her. Bob Dylan wrote his first song as some kind of tribute for her. I meant, there’s no single current actresses today who had a raw naughty sexual magnetism with charismatic bubble like Bardot. Not even freakin close.

Well, even though the script is too generic, empty and somewhat downgrading woman, but I was enjoying the hell out of this movie. Even with that stupid and worst choreograph fighting scene ever, and the overall feeling that sensing this movie is like 90 minutes pimping of Bardot in a cheap entertainment, the movie is a classic indeed. Of course its not on par with the likes of real classic like, Citizen Kane, Seventh Seal, and so on, but still, …And God Create woman is a must-see movie for everyone(especially guys) who want to know what it is about Brigette Bardot and how hot is she? And join the club with the likes of me who hunts her naked playboy photoshoot in 1974 after watching this movie.



MURMUR OF THE HEART Or  Le souffle au coeur(1971) 


 I don’t really know about what 15 year olds kid at France back in 1971 was like, but I find the depiction is a bit too unrealistic and mature. A 15 years old punk from wealthy family, love Dizzy Gillespie, talks about politics, in to The story of “O”, know how to play along with a pedophile priest, and really dig the way how to treat a woman? Its a bit much.  But still, I love this coming of age movie. The scene moving naturally and slowly developed. The real star of this movie is Lea Massari, the woman who play the main character’s mom, charming, beautiful, confusing and very amusing. Her incest sensual scene with her son its not awkward at all. An unforgettable movie. 8.5/10



For an Argentinian movie with only 80 minutes run(including all the credit scene), and tell us a very simplistic story about how a regular truck driver befriended a woman and her child which he required to take on a journey from Paraguay to Buenos Aires by his boss, Las Acacias is not boring at all. Las Acacias need you to be patient and let the subtlety overtaken you, because it really is very simple. Its like watching somebody painted their apartment wall with a blank white colors, and weirdly, i found myself liking it. This is the type of movie where nothing happens, and you still feel engrossed by it.



DEEP END(1970)

 15-year-old Mike takes a job at the local swimming baths, where he becomes obsessed with an attractive young woman, Susan, who works there as an attendant. Although Susan has a fiancé, Mike does his best to sabotage the relationship, to the extent of stalking both her and her fiancé. Mike becomes increasingly desperate to have Susan for himself, with very tragic results and a freaking good ending for a movie. Its basically another great coming of age movie. Kinda like Malena, but more Indie. Feels like Murmur of the Heart, but more hip, slum, and colorful. And Good gawd Jane Asher is hot. I barely breath when she takes her clothes off for a classic full frontal nude scene, even though the camera is shot in a far away angle. The only complaint that i had is the character progression is too fast for a movie with 90 minutes run. A very underrated movie that needs a bigger audience.




Some people think that movie is disturbing. I don’t really get it, what’s so disturbing. Some people think that the movie is beautiful. Are you kidding me? What’ so beautiful when you have to watched a movie where an innocent and beautiful woman being exploited by being a drug mule just to get money and reaching the so called heaven called AMERICA? Its fucking depressing. I love the movie overall, but I  hate that cliche ending. Not because that I hate America, but because it really make sense and Its sad when we realize that the only way for maria to get out from her trouble is by being a illegal immigrant in a country where she even doesn’t understand the speaking language. Catalina Sandino Moreno performance is a gem. Watching her acted is like watching some genuine documentary about drug mule. I live in the 3rd world country like Maria, but still the film made me feel very fortunate for what I have.




If ten years ago, some jackass told me that I will crying my ass off at Jet Li’s movie, I would’ve called that guy idiot and stupid. Off course, Jet Li isn’t a bad actor. In terms of acting capability he’s  in the same league as Jackie Chan, Statham, Arnie, Donnie Yen, or Dolph Lundgren. He’s not a robot, but not humane enough to be considered as a serious actor. Then Ocean Heaven came along. Its a story of a dying father making the impossible to give his son the possibility of independence before the cancer take his life. And good gawd, Jet Li convincingly played the character of that poor father very well in this tear jerking simply tale of determination and love. And good gawd I hate the ending when abruptly the filmmaker went Pixar.  Still I do cried in the middle of the movie, and considered this is a Jet Li’s movie, I’m not ashamed to admit it. Solid movie ruined by the ending. 7.5/10

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Okuribito (Departures) * 9.5/10


Okuribito tell us the story about Daigo,  a cellist for some orchestra in Tokyo. When he loses his dream and passion, he choose to go back to the country side where he was born, and trying to find another way of life and new final destination. In his hometown, attracted by the money, Daigo gets a job working as an encoffiner, or people who prepared corpse/dead body to be burned. In the land of the rising sun, that job is considered very taboo, and some people even think that it is kind filthy. And now, Daigo must come to grips with his uncomfortable change in life and mentality, while also learning about the beauty of death through the departures.

Okuribito  is a film that coming from Asia and filled with death, corpses and coffins, but doesn’t have any horror stamp above it. In fact, to say that Okuribito is just a simple movie would not be doing it enough Justice. Okuribito is a very powerful and near perfect piece of art disguised as a melodrama movie.

The main character, Daigo, is acted convincingly by Masahiro Motoki. I loved his performance, especially when he’s using his well co-ordinated hands in preparing corpses. His finger and eyes movement is very elegant-looking. Its like he takes you directly into Daigo’s emotion and complexity when he did all those things. Ryoko Hirosue is the only eye-candy of Okuribito. And eye candy she is. As Daigo’s wife, Mika, Hirosue is the only weak point of Okuribito. While she has a certain charms, her constant smile and laugh kind of a bit annoying to watched all the time. She always do that in almost every time camera pop up her face. Okuribito would be more perfect if she can added another layer of sadness and dramatic ingredients to her character. And just like every other great melodrama, Okuribito is filled with a lot of memorable side character, like the cold Daigo’s Boss, or even Daigo’s father who doesn’t even say a single word in this movie.

Music is another power point that makes Okuribito an amazing movie. Because Daigo character’s is a cellist, we can expect that a lot of tear jerking classical influence songs will be heard. And that’s true. Especially when Joe Hisaishi is responsible for it. This is the guy behind almost every single studio ghibli movie’s scored. This is the guy behind the score of  the only Jet Li’s movie that almost make me cry. This is my favorite movie composer aside Yasunori Mitsuda and Alan Silvestri. This is Joe Hisaishi! He can do no wrong.

Okuribito is near-perfect because of one or two cliche thing. Like Ryoko Hirosue acting , or that cheesy scene where Daigo playing the cello in the fields with mountains in the background which felt like a condom advertisement. But that tiny fault can only felt by pretentious dude like me who always looking for some error. Ignore that because Okuribito will swept away your emotions. It is the only movie that dealt with death themes that doesn’t includes desperation, dark, despair, frustation, agonies, or helpless against the grim reaper. Okuribito approach it with with a positive and encouraging look, also forgiveness and faith. It is not “Goodbye forever” message, but “I’ll see you again”. It feels liberating and peaceful. Just like life itself.


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6 Actually Good Old Dumb Movies That Everybody’s Shits On but I’m Not Ashamed to Liking it

Constantine(IMDB 6.7, RT42%)

 To enjoy Constantine, you need to set aside the adaptation of the comic book tag that follows behind Constantine(especially if you follow/read Hellblazer), then you’ll find a good 2 hours entertainment. Because there are some Major differences between the comic book and this version. For example, the comic book version John Constantine supposed to look like Sting, and the movie version is look like a douchebag who don’t give a fuck about anything except for himself.  Constantine is really a good movie. Rachel Weisz is always giving her 100% performance no matter what movie she’s acted act. The special effect is awesome. The concept of hell as a parallel dimension to our own world is freaking cool. The twisted story line about how you buying your way to heaven is not bad either. Well, at the end Constantine is another one of those movies that you either love or hate. Its weird that I chose to love a movie where Keanu Reeves and Shia Le Bouf kissing each other balls in it.

 Faster(IMDB 6.5, RT 42%)

 The best thing about this movie is that FASTER doesn’t try to be anything that it’s not. Its a good old action-vengeance movie. Nice gesture, intimidating performance, and action by The Rock. Believable story. Exceptional soundtrack. I don’t get why a lot of people didn’t catch FASTER yet, when they had time to watch abysmal movies like Twilight saga.

Predator 2(IMDB 6.1, RT 23%)

 Believe me or not, I consider Predator 2 to be a better movie than the first. Why? Don’t get me wrong, I still love the heck out of the first predator, but this movie has more action, more Predator, clearer gory scene, and CHARACTER. The first one seems too one dimensional in terms of protagonist(bunch of Tyranosaurus rex in human version), but Predator 2 had more fun character for us to watch, especially Danny Glover, Gary Busey, and Bill Paxton(Paxton is the only actor get killed by a Terminator, Xenomorph, and Predator). Don’t forget the Urban Jungle setting. This movie depiction of L.A is very distinctive and unique. Its hot, dirty, and gritty. It felt like a comic book.

The Relic(IMDB 5.4, RT 32%)


This movie is the result when you put Tom Sizemore in the main starring role, surprisingly, its good. Its the good old ~monster on the loose killing everyone until some smart ass blow it~ movie. Even though the story  could be mistakenly as a B-movie, The Relic is way better and classier. Why? because Stan Winston deal with creature effect. The STAN WINSTON. The two main characters chemistry is good too. I love the connection between Sizemore and Ann-Miller character which doesn’t force a romantic involvement. It felt so refreshing.

 Deep Blue Sea (IMDB 5.7, RT 57%).


A lot of critics and people that I’ve known said that Deep Blue Sea is unoriginal. Off course it is unoriginal! Its a shark movie! Except for Jaws, there’s no original movie that tells us about Shark eating human. Deep Blue Sea is a big, a bit dumb, loud, and go out with a bang movie. Its filled with cardboard stereotypical character too. It’s Renny Harlin’s. What do you expect? But this is my favorite Harlin’s movie, even bested Die Hard 2. Why? Because it is fun like hell! Oh, and it contains one of the most powerful and shocking death scene involving Samuel L. Jackson and his infamous rants.

Congo(IMDB 4.7, RT 21%)

 Congo is definitely not a masterpiece. Its dumb, stupid, cheesy, and quite possibly the worst Chricton adaptation for like,ever. But strangely, I love this movie for an unknown reason. Probably, because of the story of the lost city of jinx? Probably because that I had an achiles’s heel in African’s setting movie? or probably because of the awesome final 10 minutes involving killer gorilla and laser weapon? I don’t really know, but I still think Congo is a good movie, an enjoyable and quirky one.


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11 Reasons Why THE AVENGERS Arguably is the Greatest Superhero Movie of All Time

Before reading the 10 reasons, I would like you guys to know that I never considered THE DARK KNIGHT(2008) as a superhero movie. Because when Christopher Nolan manage to bring the superhero world to the reality with his take on Batman, he doesn’t make a superhero/comic book movie. He made one of the best thriller/action movie of all time. Another one is, I’m not a marvel fanboy. But even though Batman is my favorite superhero of all time, Off course I do prefer Marvel than DC. But The Avengers wasn’t really my liking. Cap, Hulk, Thor, and Iron man felt too stiff for me. So here’s the 10 reason. OH, i forgot, SPOILER ALERT!

  • Fun. The Avengers is fun. It is a crowd-pleaser through and through right from the first minute. It is really a roller coaster ride that make you hold your breath, smiling, laughing, and being entertained. My inner geek heart jumping up and down in those two hours.
  • It manage to beat the unfairly pretty high expectations that I had going into the cinema.Seriously, ever since Samuel L.Jackson appear in the post credit scene at the first Iron Man back in 2008, the hype for the Avengers is began. And somehow, marvel manage to overcome the hype and even make the movie is better than the hype.
  • Hulk. This is the perfect way to capture Hulk. Mark Rufallo felt too comical for Bruce Banner. I prefer Edward Norton. But when Banner turning into his green, muscle bound, earth smashing alter ego, He’s the rock star of the Movie.
  • The Joke. What can I say? Its Josh Whedon. From “Puny god…”, to the “He’s Adopted….”. Amusing. This is Whedon at his best.
  • Josh Whedon himself. This guy did it. Now he can laugh at and give the middle finger to the studio who canceled his firefly. Among every people that involved in this awesome movie, his task is the heaviest. But somehow, he didn’t ruined it by being a director. He make it great by being a fans.
  • It felt like a comic book. I felt like reading the Civil War, or ultimate avengers, except that its in flesh and blood! Its like a dream come true when Thor vs Hulk goes one on one. 5 years ago, I wouldn’t never expect that this movie is really happening. I know I’m smiling very hard when that scene is finally arrived.
  • The interaction between the main heroes(Stark, Rogers, Banner, and Thor). Effective, brilliant, and truthful to the comic. It really felt very organic and flesh. Cap and Stark is really never getting along very well. Hulk and Thor small rivalry. The small talk between them. I just don’t want it to be end. This is the ace up the Avengers sleeve. Its not some just heavy CGI action movie. Cut out the action and I’d still want to see this movie.
  • Tom Hiddleston as Loki. This is the powerhouse acting of this Avengers. I love his facial expression. I dig his hair and costume. I love his cockiness. Nobody should play Loki beside Tom Hiddleston.
  • Robert Downey Jr. What can I say. Dude was born to play Tony Stark.
  • Action scene and special effect. That last 20 minutes is incredibly BAD ASS! Very very satisfying.
  • The Middle Credit Scene. ITS THANOS. This is the best credit scene ever in Marvel history. This could open the gate to other awesomeness that another Avengers will bring to us!

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8 perfect songs for Road Trip

 I guess there’s no need some kinda explanation for the title. Everybody loves road trippin’. And music should be a huge part of it. Because lets face it, traveling without music is like eating french fries without ketchup.

Sheryl Crow – Soak up the Sun

Actually almost every single cherish Sheryl Crow song is a road trip material(and because she always talk about road and trip). Songs like Everyday is winding road, or All I wanna do will works too. But Soak up the sun definitely the best in telling our expectations bout what our trip should be. The song is cheerful, windy, and really could make you want to soak up all the sun.


Phil Collins – Take Me Home

I can use In the air tonight,  or Home by the Sea too because of how atmospheric and hypnotic those two songs felt. But the lyrics of those two is too dark and dangerous to listened at a road trip where usually people mind goes blank in the middle of the nowhere.  Take Me Home is different. Take me home felt good and safe. The beat and drums felt like an extension version of Toto’s Africa(which is a very good road trip song too, but too cliche for me to pick)


Eagle Eye Cherry – To Love Somebody

There’s a light indeed every time the intro of this song hitting. The first time I heard this very great acoustic version of a very popular Bee Gees track, is from Y Tu Mama Tambien, my favorite Road Trip movie of all time. So, I guess that explained why this song goes in this list.


Creedence Clearwater Revival – Have You Ever Seen the Rain 

I heard a lot of people said, that CCR is the greatest band in terms of producing road trippin songs. In fact, you can road tripping the whole world using the any CCR greatest hits album. Well, yeah, if you like country rock. CCR is a great band, but listening to their whole record while in road trip will introducing you to the same extreme boredom when you listen to other southern influenced rock band too much. Almost all of their music sound the same, from Stevie ray Vaughan to ZZ Top. Don’t get me wrong, they’re great bands and awesome musician, but putting every track in a road trip play list to their kind of music is absolutely stupid.  And I love have you ever seen the rain, the song is always exist in my road trip, wherever I’m going to, which is why I put it in this list.



The Rolling Stones – You cant always get what you want 

After the first peace chorus, there’s something breezy about when the music break apart and goes in to another part of the song. That’s the perfect moment that came from this song. The part that easily could make me remember all the beautiful sunset that I’ve seen. The part that easily could make me feel all the beaches that I’ve been. You can always get what you want probably is not the greatest Rolling stone track for me, but it’s the most memorable, because you cant always get what you want, just like all the trip.


College feat Electric Youth – A Real Hero 

This is the song to hear when the first time a white pristine sandy beach shooting up in your eyes. This is the song to hear when you car is passing a mega huge desert with emptiness laying all over the place. This is the song to hear when you see the sun is coming up from the sea, and make you feel throwing out the sentence, “IM ALIVE” to yourself. This song is born to be a road trip song. This song is born to accompany you driving no matter where you are. One of the greatest thing ever created by humankind.


Queens of the Stone Age – Make it with Chu 

 There’s a reason why almost every Queens of the Stone Age song is good for driving and sex….. Its because their song is felt like a driving and sex! Especially this song. Not that I expecting all the road tripper to having sex while driving.



Summer of Space – With You 

Every time this song is playing, i just want to grab my car keys and driving all night long while letting this song keep playing. It feels like an angel whispering to you to get the hell out from the city and do some road trip.


Honorable mention : All Saints – Pure Shores, Moby – In This World, Led Zeppelin – Whole lotta love, Jason Mraz – I’m Yours, Elton John – Tiny Dancer, U2 – Still Haven’t Found what I’m Looking For, etc





















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